Thursday, October 30, 2014

What's On Television?

It was a difficult decision, but we have decided to cancel our cable service. We spent over a year discussing and shopping for a new plan.  What we came up with is ...

No plan. 

That's right. We're cancelling it altogether. No cable for us. For the first time in our 19 year marriage (except for one year when we live at the church) we won't have cable television. Or satellite. Or Roku. We are going cold turkey.

The reason for our drastic decision? It's really quite simple. I no longer can justify paying over  $100 per month for 400+ channels when we realistically watch only five or six on a regular basis. 

You would think the kids would rebel against us for our cruel decision. After all, there won't be any Cartoon Network, Disney, or Boomerang. I won't be able to watch BBC or the Cooking Channel. My wife won't see Fox News or Hallmark.

On the contrary, everyone is amazingly at peace with our decision.  We will subscribe to Netflix and perhaps  purchase a Roku or get a dish in the future for news and sports.  But for now we are eliminating a large drain on our budget. I trust that we will learn to love it and embrace the change and the simplicity of a quieter home.

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