Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Fifty Dollar Tantrum

You're grounded.

What else is new?

You have to fix the hole in the wall.

It's not my fault the wall is so weak it can't handle a door knob.

The wall isn't weak.  Your excuse is weak. AND you still have to fix the wall.


You also have to finish your reading.

What reading??

(Yeah, okay kid. Do you think your mother and I don't talk to each other?)

The reading you didn't want to finish. The reading that caused the tantrum that ended with a door knob sized hole in my wall.

Okay, so I'll fix it.  Do you have spackle?


Can you go and buy some?

I'm not buying spackle. YOU are.

How much is THAT gonna cost?

Probably around $7 for a small can.

Oh, good.  I thought it was gonna be like $50 or something.

Well now hold on a minute.  That's just the spackle.  You have to buy tape and paint too.

WHAT??!!?!!  THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!!

(Yes, I'm smiling on the inside.)

It's perfectly fair.  You damaged my house. You pay for it. You fix it. 

How much is THAT gonna be??!??!

I don't know, but I'm guessing the tape will be about another $7 and the paint will be about $30.

Can't we just get the little can of paint?

Well, the little one will only cover part of the wall.  There will be a difference in the color. That isn't acceptable.  The wall has to look the way it looked before you chose to damage it.

This is gonna take FOREVER!!!

Probably. And don't forget the part about being grounded.

Oh yeah.  For how long?

For as long as it takes to repair the wall to my satisfaction AND finish your reading assignment.


(*Sigh*) It's going to be an interesting weekend. :)

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  1. I just refuse to believe one of your children behaved that way. I'm sorely disappointed and realize there is no hope for humankind. Except Jesus, of course.