About Me

Life is complicated. And wonderful. And exhausting. And fun. And not fun.

I am a follower of Christ who longs to live by His Word every day. I am led by the Spirit in some odd directions I don't always understand, but I try to go where I'm led, and pray for guidance along the way.

Life is a journey of discovery and I am along for a wild ride.  It's a journey of joy and sorrow, triumph and disappointment, fun and boredom, madness and calm.

I'm a teaching artist; a musician by trade.  I play instruments (badly) and sing (less badly).  I didn't know how badly until I performed for children. Now I'm blessed every day to have a job in which I sit on the floor with kids and bang stuff.  Loudly.

I'm a husband; sometimes a good one, sometimes not. However, I can honestly say from the moment I became "aware" of her, I have adored her.

I'm the kind of father who loves nothing better than simply hanging out with his kids. This gets me into trouble. Occasionally. :) 

Anyway, this is me and this is my life.  Deal with it.