Thursday, October 16, 2014

God Invited Himself To School Today

The following conversation may or may not have happened in school today ....   ;)

KID: (in front of the entire class) I went to church last night. Can I show you what I got?


KID: (reaches into a gym bag) I got this! (shows teacher his "quiet time" book)

TEACHER: Cool!  That's an Olympian Club book!  My kids have those, too!

KID: I'm having trouble with it.  I can't do this.

TEACHER: What can't you do?

KID: It's on this page. (shows the teacher a page that has a crossword puzzle based on James 7)

TEACHER: Well, first you have to look up James 7.

KID: I don't have a Bible.

TEACHER: Follow me. (Kid walks to the teacher's desk. Teacher reaches into his top drawer, pulls out his Bible, and hands it to the kid.)

KID: Thanks!  I'll get it back to you when I'm done.

TEACHER: Keep it.  I don't need it back.  I have another one.

 And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. (Galations 6:9)
 Sometimes an opportunity arises in the most unlikely way, in the most unlikely place, at the (seamingly) most inappropriate time.  Still, when a student needed something, God made sure this teacher had the resources at his fingertips to help the student.

God is good!

Friday, October 10, 2014

One Headlight (And Other Infractions)

Sometimes God has to kick me in the rear end to get His point across. This morning His point was procrastination.

I was running late for work (shocking, I know), so I got on the highway and immediately set the cruise at 70mph so I would make decent time without drawing attention to myself.


Okay, before I go any further, here are some background details:
  • Fact: My passenger side tail light has to be replaced.
  • Fact: My inspection sticker is overdue by 10 days.
  • Fact: I have an appointment tomorrow to get my car inspected.
  • Fact: I was waiting for my paycheck (today is payday, in fact) to take care of these things.
Anyway, I was driving along when I saw a state police car with a mounted radar gun on the side of the road.  No big deal I thought. I'm going approx. 70, which puts me within the allowable range of speed. 

I passed the the trooper only to find him pulling out and following me with his lights whirling and his siren blaring. (Really, Officer?  Is the siren necessary?)

Anyway, after exchanging the required pleasantries, it turns out that in addition to the expired inspection and blown tail lamp I also have a dysfunctional headlamp (figures), so I received a "correctable citation," which means I can get my mechanic to sign a paper stating that my car passed inspection and all repairs have been completed.

God is good. I am not. I waited too long to get the car inspected. I should have taken care of it last month, but I ran out of money (hey, I've never been a master budgeter, if that's a thing). God showed me grace when He put a trooper in my path who understood my plight and extended grace and time to make the correction.  Also, He's holding me accountable to get my car inspected and repaired without one more moment of procrastination.

I could be paying a large sum of my paycheck to the great state of New York for various infractions, but instead I only have to do routine maintenance on my vehicle.

Praise the Lord!

I live to drive another day.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Fifty Dollar Tantrum

You're grounded.

What else is new?

You have to fix the hole in the wall.

It's not my fault the wall is so weak it can't handle a door knob.

The wall isn't weak.  Your excuse is weak. AND you still have to fix the wall.


You also have to finish your reading.

What reading??

(Yeah, okay kid. Do you think your mother and I don't talk to each other?)

The reading you didn't want to finish. The reading that caused the tantrum that ended with a door knob sized hole in my wall.

Okay, so I'll fix it.  Do you have spackle?


Can you go and buy some?

I'm not buying spackle. YOU are.

How much is THAT gonna cost?

Probably around $7 for a small can.

Oh, good.  I thought it was gonna be like $50 or something.

Well now hold on a minute.  That's just the spackle.  You have to buy tape and paint too.

WHAT??!!?!!  THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!!

(Yes, I'm smiling on the inside.)

It's perfectly fair.  You damaged my house. You pay for it. You fix it. 

How much is THAT gonna be??!??!

I don't know, but I'm guessing the tape will be about another $7 and the paint will be about $30.

Can't we just get the little can of paint?

Well, the little one will only cover part of the wall.  There will be a difference in the color. That isn't acceptable.  The wall has to look the way it looked before you chose to damage it.

This is gonna take FOREVER!!!

Probably. And don't forget the part about being grounded.

Oh yeah.  For how long?

For as long as it takes to repair the wall to my satisfaction AND finish your reading assignment.


(*Sigh*) It's going to be an interesting weekend. :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Hiatus By Any Other Name

hiatus. 2a :  an interruption in time or continuity :  break; especially :  a period when something (as a program or activity) is suspended or interrupted hiatus
from writing>

It would appear that I have taken a hiatus from blogging.
Yep, that's what it was alright. A hiatus. 

There is still so much to say and my brain has been working overtime in a feeble attempt to put my thoughts in order. But try as I might it appears that my mind doesn't work that way.  

I've read many, many articles and e-books about blogging, and they all say the same thing. 


Baloney! If that were true I would never ever have written a post. EVER.  That isn't how this mind works. True story.

So I am throwing caution to the wind and, with a fresh start, I am taking a deep breath and beginning again, with no particular plan in mind and no idea what will come of my writing.  Probably twaddle.  So be it.

I do know that if I keep all these thoughts and ideas bottled up without letting them out via fingers on the keyboard, eventually I'm gonna BLOW!!!  

I will write as the mood strikes me, sometimes calm and sometimes you've-got-to-be-kidding-me-did-he-actually-have-the-nerve-to-write-that honest. Its all about being genuine, authentic, true.  It's not about organizing my thoughts. Never has been.

Thus ends the hiatus. :)


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

To Selfie ... Or Not To Selfie

I don't like selfies.

Wait. No. That isn't entirely true.

In certain situations and for particular reasons selfies are appropriate.

Really, it's the selfie that is taken just to draw attention to oneself that I dislike.  You know the ones. The fiftieth self-shot photo this week in which the person is in the same position, same location, same duckface, different shirt.

Here are some situations in which I personally have found it acceptable to take a selfie.

1. When you are pet-sitting for a friend, and you want him/her to know the little darlin' is alive and well.
Birdie is having a great vacation so far.

2. When there aren't adequate words to describe a gift that was given to you by a child.

Isaac made me a new tie for Father's Day.

3. When you want to commemorate an accomplishment.

We made it!  Five whole miles on our bikes!

4. When you want to capture a special moment with your son.

Jesse and I are enjoying a hot dog and vanilla coke at Jimmy's, a place from my childhood.

5. When you meet a former student at the ball game.

Look who I found at the game - it's Joe!!

 Recently I was challenged by my daughter, her friends, and her friend's mom to pose for a typical selfie.  I laughed at the idea, expressing my utter displeasure with the whole "selfie" idea.  But then I realized that I had, in fact, taken some selfies under the above guidelines that, when taken for the right reasons, were perfectly acceptable.  Anyway, they "challenged" me (they say dared, I say challenged because everyone knows I do not accept dares *cough, cough*) to post a typical teenaged bathroom selfie, wearing my best duckface, complete with the requisite toilet in the background.

So, here it is.

A duckface, a "Duck Commander" t-shirt, and a toilet make for the perfect selfie.

Challenge completed.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Memories of Dad

I visited your insurance office many, many times when I was a kid.  you always put me to work sorting papers or copying letters.  Sometimes you gave me a rubber address stamp and an ink pad and I would stamp over and over and over on a piece of typing paper.  I was so proud of myself for helping Dad "make insurance."

Every few weeks or so you sent me next door to "Honest Frank" for a haircut.  After I came back we would go next door in the other direction and get a sandwich and pickle from the Spic and Span Deli. We ate and talked.

We went to Stevens' Bakery on Sunday mornings and bring home those huge cinnamon things that were so big you could stick your thumb right through them and it wouldn't come out the other side. We called them "thumb buns." I'm not sure what the real name was.

When I had my first accident with your car, you dropped everything to be on scene within five minutes.  Even though the mishap was my fault you didn't yell or blame.  You just put me in Mom's car and took me out for lunch.

All those times you came downstairs and caught me getting a snack in the middle of the night ... you never ever ratted me out.

When I graduated from college you gave me a file box filled with every concert program, every newspaper photo, every picture you wer able to save from my whole life up to that point.

You helped me build things ... a rabbit coop, a bike, a styrofoam igloo.  You never said anything was too hard.

You helped me through night after night of math homework and all the temper tantrums associated with it.

You encouraged me to follow my dream, even though it destroyed your dream for me.

Dad, I miss you every day. I hope I eventually become half the father you were. This song is dedicated to you.  Happy Father's Day!


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Boom! Crash!

I'm writing this post from my front porch where I came to enjoy this glorious thunderstorm.

It's something I've done since I was a little kid. Whenever I heard the crashing sound of the thunder or saw the powerful flash of light across the sky, the world stopped. All the busyness of homework or chores came to an abrupt yet excited halt as we rushed to the front porch to view God's powerful handiwork. Sheltered under the protection of the roof , we delighted in each white flash and frightening BOOOOOOM!!!

And so I am here again this evening, just as I was so many years ago, toes and pants slightly damp for the misty spray of the water hitting the banister.

Yes, for one blissful moment I can sit here and ..........ahhhhh.......