Friday, July 15, 2016

Today Is Happy Kids Day

Today is my mother's birthday. The year she died my son Linus declared her birthday to be "Happy Kids' Day." He didn't know it would be her last birthday on this earth.
Enjoying a Fluffer-Nutter

His idea was to do all those things Nana (Mom) would have done with them on her birthday.

This year we were in Ocean City. Mom loved the beach. She and Dad would whisk us off to Wildwood or Atlantic City for the weekend, sometimes several times a year. I'm glad we were here this year.

We frolicked in the ocean and ate fluffer-nutter sandwiches. We watched TV and lay around like slugs. We walked across the bridge and took some great pictures of the inlet (including a stunning capture of Pier 4 at sunset).

Happy Birthday, Mom!

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