Friday, October 10, 2014

One Headlight (And Other Infractions)

Sometimes God has to kick me in the rear end to get His point across. This morning His point was procrastination.

I was running late for work (shocking, I know), so I got on the highway and immediately set the cruise at 70mph so I would make decent time without drawing attention to myself.


Okay, before I go any further, here are some background details:
  • Fact: My passenger side tail light has to be replaced.
  • Fact: My inspection sticker is overdue by 10 days.
  • Fact: I have an appointment tomorrow to get my car inspected.
  • Fact: I was waiting for my paycheck (today is payday, in fact) to take care of these things.
Anyway, I was driving along when I saw a state police car with a mounted radar gun on the side of the road.  No big deal I thought. I'm going approx. 70, which puts me within the allowable range of speed. 

I passed the the trooper only to find him pulling out and following me with his lights whirling and his siren blaring. (Really, Officer?  Is the siren necessary?)

Anyway, after exchanging the required pleasantries, it turns out that in addition to the expired inspection and blown tail lamp I also have a dysfunctional headlamp (figures), so I received a "correctable citation," which means I can get my mechanic to sign a paper stating that my car passed inspection and all repairs have been completed.

God is good. I am not. I waited too long to get the car inspected. I should have taken care of it last month, but I ran out of money (hey, I've never been a master budgeter, if that's a thing). God showed me grace when He put a trooper in my path who understood my plight and extended grace and time to make the correction.  Also, He's holding me accountable to get my car inspected and repaired without one more moment of procrastination.

I could be paying a large sum of my paycheck to the great state of New York for various infractions, but instead I only have to do routine maintenance on my vehicle.

Praise the Lord!

I live to drive another day.

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