Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Small Summer Project

We’ve been sprucing up the yard, trimming bushes and trees, weeding and planting.  The two big projects this summer will be the campfire pit and a PVC roof over the deck.  With a little smart shopping and leftover parts from other projects, I think I can do both for around $100. 

For the deck cover - I have a bunch of 1-inch PVC pipe and fittings in the basement and garage that I can use for the roof part of the structure. The only thing I should have to buy is a custom heavy-duty white tarp for the top, and possible some screw caps and various clips.  Possibly a new saw, but I might still be able to use my old one. 

For the campfire pit – I bought some bags of sand, and I have a pile of stones behind the garage.  I’ll dig a shallow, square ditch layer the bottom with stones, then pour some sand and arrange the bricks ( I have most of the bricks I need, may have to buy a few). Then I’ll frame it with treated 1x4 lumber, pour sand over the top and brush it in.  After that I’ll put three cement blocks (already have ‘em) on the bricks, and set a steel washing machine drum (getting it from a friend) on top of the blocks, and voila – a fire pit!

Add a few chairs and some marshmallows, and we'll have a pretty cozy summer.

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