Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Journey Is Mine Alone

My journey through life is mine alone.  The Lord has led me by His Spirit down many well-trodden paths, deep valleys, high mountain tops, and a number of passageways unknown to me.  I learned that everyone journeys alone; no one has entire companionship.  Even when someone comes along for a while, before long I am, again, unaccompanied. 

God surrounded me with wonderful people.  He blessed me with a beautiful help meet, a loving family, and great friends; I am beginning to recognize that we exist side-by-side, yet lead separate lives. The intimacy I desire on earth (physical, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional) may well remain unfulfilled during my life; though my heart was otherwise led for a moment, I might never be known or know someone truly, completely, but momentarily as we connect along the way. 

So, with a high purpose, a bruised but hopeful spirit, and a freshly humbled heart, I travel on, asking very little.  I will acquiesce to the solitude of the journey as well as the closeness when offered, seeking largely comfortable paths, and in so doing, endeavor to cause no harm.   

The journey is mine alone.

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