Friday, May 27, 2011

Opening Night

We had our opening night of Aladdin, Jr. yesterday.  Whenever you get a large group of children together to do a large production, it take a toll on your nerves, your patience, your mind. 

Aladdin, Jr. was no exception.  Juggling all the schedules of all the kids, state test schedules, choreographers and their schedules, malfunctioning sound systems, blown bulbs, tattle-tales, bullies, prima-donas, pukers, pizza deliveries, makeup, costumes, sets, etc...

And for what?

For an outstanding performance, that's what. The kids always (and I mean ALWAYS) rise to the occasion and perform like professionals on stage.  It was a magical night for them, and a proud moment for me.  I hope they carry that feeling with them ... always.

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