Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Food of love

We're having sort of a new creation for supper tonight.  I put some brown rice on the boil; the boiling liquid includes A LOT of garlic,onion and diced carrots.  I'm going to saute a few sausages along with a diced tomato, green beans and some Indian spices, then add the rice to the sausage and spices.  I hope it's good.

I'm trying to re-design the Bittner cuisine to be more heart healthy while remaining delicious.  I've tried many things to cut down on fat, cholesterol, carbs, etc. and I've come to the realization that no matter what I do, I cannot completely eliminate unhealthy foods from my family's diet, nor from mine.

The best I can do is take my existing recipes and use better choices when cooking, substituting where I can.
Bon apetite!

... Later!

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  1. It was delicious!!

  2. That's what I said, it is unrealistic to go fat free enough to reduce cholesterol. you will need to include exercise & well, for me red rice yeast & CoQ-10.

  3. Yeah, I'm finding that out. I'll check out the red rice yeast and CoQ-10. I started doing the calorie count and exercise program on SparkPeople again. It worked VERY WELL a few years ago - I lost all kinds of wight and toned up pretty well. I'll get there...slowly.