Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Bunch of Random Thoughts for Today

  • Flab is not "distinguished."  It's gross.
  • I really dislike unsweetened coffee.
  • I'm a piler.  Not disorganized, not sloppy, just a piler.
  • Some things will never happen, no matter how much wishing I do.
  • I need a new car.  Soon.
  • I'd like to make more money.
  • I love my wife more than any other person on Earth.
  • I have an exceptional wife and family. I don't show them my appreciation enough.
  • Sometimes you have to stop reaching for the impossible.
  • Breathe, breathe, breathe........
  • I'd like to be a great husband, but I'm too caught up in my own selfishness.
  • Too many opinions confuse me.
  • I would get a good night's sleep if I could stop these dreams.
  • I miss my brother and sisters. Also my college friends.

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