Monday, April 23, 2012

Best Answer ... Really???

Once in a while I hang out over at Yahoo Answers to see if I can impart some of my fascinating knowledge on the rest of the world.  Really, I just like to see if there are a few questions I can answer, to help someone out.

I've done this a couple times a week for about a year now.

I usually read a bunch of stupid questions from people who are just there to get a rise out of the crowd, or are seeking some kind of weird attention.  Sometimes I find a question about which I actually have some expertise and can offer constructive tips and useful information.  Other times I utter an opinion.

In any case, people (I do not know these people) vote on the answers to some questions.

Well, today one of my answers was chosen as the "best" answer to a question.

I really wish I could be proud.  I would be proud if I had answered a question that had significance in the world, or even in the neighborhood.

What was the question?

Which is better - a pop tart or a toaster strudel?
 My answer?

It depends. If you need portability, like if you have to take it with you and eat it on the go, then pop tarts are definitely the right choice. If you want better flavor, texture, overall quality, then toaster strudels are the pastry of choice.
 Can't you just feel the intellect oozing from these sentences?

Of all the questions I've read and all the answers I've written, THIS is my best work.  Blimey!!  I'm going to bed.

... Later!

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