Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lardy, Lardy!! Is That A Chip???

Everywhere I go there are a gazillion varieties of baked potato chips.  I've tried them.  Not all of them, but enough that I can render the following informed opinion:


No matter how you slice it, a potato chip must be fried to be enjoyed, at least by me.  It isn't that I;m a potato chip snob or anything.  Quite the opposite, actually.  I enjoy all kinds of chips in many different flavors. 

The problem as I see it (more like taste it) is more a matter of flavor.  Specifically, the full mouth feel you get from a fried chip.  I suppose it depends on the fat that is used to fry the spuds.  The best ones are fried in lard (Grandma Utz in the brown bag ...... Oh. My. Goodness).  The worst ones are, of course, baked. 

I know, I know.  The baked ones are healthier.

Oh, yeah?  I don't really care.  All the baked chips I have ever tried were void of any semblance of flavor, with the exception of a slight hint of salt (and I mean slight).  Most of them aren't even made from an actual potato slice; rather, they are formed out of pulverized potatoes.  It's like the potato industry's answer to "pink slime." 

Anyway, my vote is in, and I vote for fried (in lard, thank you)!  Oh, yeah, and what I said about not being a potato snob is true.  I'm not a potato chip snob, but I am a purist, so when you pass the chips, please be sure they are the traditional, salted variety, sans vinegar, sugar, bbq, sour cream, or any of the other gobbledy goop they spray on 'em these days. 

BTW - Ridges are okay.

... Later!

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