Saturday, December 24, 2011

One Tractor-Trailer

Today was a busy Christmas Eve.  We had much to do and not enough time.  Even at this writing, the car hasn't been packed for our Christmas trip to Grandmom's house.

On any given day, when crunch time comes the frantic pace increases and nerves wear thin.  Tonight was no exception.  It was time to get dressed for church, and the children began their usual ritual of running around, screaming, teasing one another, and basically doing everything except getting ready for church.

The result?

Crying children and frustrated parents.


No supper until after church (there wasn't enough time to drive thru McDonald's because they wasted so much time getting ready).

As we drove down the interstate toward our church (about a half-hour drive)  we passed a rest area.  It's the same dingy, old, campground-like rest area that we pass every week as we make the same drive.  Tonight, however, something caught my attention.

There was one tractor-trailer parked, lit up with full parking lights - you know, the lights they turn on when they are settling in to sleep for the night.

Christmas Eve.  One truck parked at the rest area.  Alone.

Christmas Eve.

Suddenly my hectic day didn't seem so bad.

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