Sunday, December 4, 2011

Genuine ...

This morning in worship we heard a message about, among other things, the importance of being genuine.  "Genuine," in this case, refers to openness and honesty in our relationships with others.  I was shocked and convicted as I sat listening to the message and subsequent study group discussion.  I was struck with the realization that, often in the daily "blah, blah, blah" of life, I am not genuine in my relationships with others. 

In my daily exchange with people I give in all too often to fear.  Fear of conflict, fear of rejection, fear of unpopularity, fear of I-don't-know-what prevents me from saying what I mean.  I go through life suppressing my feelings, my thoughts, my desires.  Instead, I say things to pacify whoever is at the receiving end of my charming banter - students, family, friends, children, my wife. 

No more (he said, knowing full well that he was full of shit).

If I am going to do things God's way (and, at least I say that's what I want to do), then I have signifcant work to do.  I must eschew my current fear of how I will look in the eyes of others.  I must say what I mean.

Maybe that's the hidden reason behind my unexplained tremors, night sweats, weight gain, hypertension?

Or maybe I'm just a nervous, fat, sweaty, hyper old man.

Hmmmm....   I'm thinking the former.  I need to be more genuine in my life.  When I desire something, I must express that desire.  When I am upset, I must say so.  Happy?  I must let it show.  I must be the genuine person God created me to be.  No apologies.  No excuses.  No hiding.  No inhibition.

Ooh!  Ooh!  I just thought of an old children's song:

"Here I am.
Look at me.
I hope you like
the person you see ..."

There's more, of course, but I can't remember it at the moment (big surprise, huh?).

Look out, world, here I come ... the "genuine" ME.

(Oy vey!!)



  1. Suck the marrow out of 'Mumford and Sons' "The Cave". Often, life throws you a nugget. Do you stand so steadfast where nothing else matters, or do embrace nuances and grow.

    As an aside.....there is no shame in living. It's about growth, understanding, and striving to become more than even 'you', an individual entity on earth, might think is possible.

  2. I never would have placed that song with this post, but I guess it fits ... sorta.

    I know there is no shame in living. But I have been living, by and large, in a protective bubble where I say and do things that are acceptable to those around me, while disregarding (not always, but many times) the small voice inside of me.

    Not gonna do that anymore.

    Thank you for your insight, and for the song. I'm gonna go listen to it again and again, until I've sucked all the marrow from it.