Tuesday, July 8, 2014

To Selfie ... Or Not To Selfie

I don't like selfies.

Wait. No. That isn't entirely true.

In certain situations and for particular reasons selfies are appropriate.

Really, it's the selfie that is taken just to draw attention to oneself that I dislike.  You know the ones. The fiftieth self-shot photo this week in which the person is in the same position, same location, same duckface, different shirt.

Here are some situations in which I personally have found it acceptable to take a selfie.

1. When you are pet-sitting for a friend, and you want him/her to know the little darlin' is alive and well.
Birdie is having a great vacation so far.

2. When there aren't adequate words to describe a gift that was given to you by a child.

Isaac made me a new tie for Father's Day.

3. When you want to commemorate an accomplishment.

We made it!  Five whole miles on our bikes!

4. When you want to capture a special moment with your son.

Jesse and I are enjoying a hot dog and vanilla coke at Jimmy's, a place from my childhood.

5. When you meet a former student at the ball game.

Look who I found at the game - it's Joe!!

 Recently I was challenged by my daughter, her friends, and her friend's mom to pose for a typical selfie.  I laughed at the idea, expressing my utter displeasure with the whole "selfie" idea.  But then I realized that I had, in fact, taken some selfies under the above guidelines that, when taken for the right reasons, were perfectly acceptable.  Anyway, they "challenged" me (they say dared, I say challenged because everyone knows I do not accept dares *cough, cough*) to post a typical teenaged bathroom selfie, wearing my best duckface, complete with the requisite toilet in the background.

So, here it is.

A duckface, a "Duck Commander" t-shirt, and a toilet make for the perfect selfie.

Challenge completed.

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