Saturday, June 14, 2014

Memories of Dad

I visited your insurance office many, many times when I was a kid.  you always put me to work sorting papers or copying letters.  Sometimes you gave me a rubber address stamp and an ink pad and I would stamp over and over and over on a piece of typing paper.  I was so proud of myself for helping Dad "make insurance."

Every few weeks or so you sent me next door to "Honest Frank" for a haircut.  After I came back we would go next door in the other direction and get a sandwich and pickle from the Spic and Span Deli. We ate and talked.

We went to Stevens' Bakery on Sunday mornings and bring home those huge cinnamon things that were so big you could stick your thumb right through them and it wouldn't come out the other side. We called them "thumb buns." I'm not sure what the real name was.

When I had my first accident with your car, you dropped everything to be on scene within five minutes.  Even though the mishap was my fault you didn't yell or blame.  You just put me in Mom's car and took me out for lunch.

All those times you came downstairs and caught me getting a snack in the middle of the night ... you never ever ratted me out.

When I graduated from college you gave me a file box filled with every concert program, every newspaper photo, every picture you wer able to save from my whole life up to that point.

You helped me build things ... a rabbit coop, a bike, a styrofoam igloo.  You never said anything was too hard.

You helped me through night after night of math homework and all the temper tantrums associated with it.

You encouraged me to follow my dream, even though it destroyed your dream for me.

Dad, I miss you every day. I hope I eventually become half the father you were. This song is dedicated to you.  Happy Father's Day!


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