Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Boom! Crash!

I'm writing this post from my front porch where I came to enjoy this glorious thunderstorm.

It's something I've done since I was a little kid. Whenever I heard the crashing sound of the thunder or saw the powerful flash of light across the sky, the world stopped. All the busyness of homework or chores came to an abrupt yet excited halt as we rushed to the front porch to view God's powerful handiwork. Sheltered under the protection of the roof , we delighted in each white flash and frightening BOOOOOOM!!!

And so I am here again this evening, just as I was so many years ago, toes and pants slightly damp for the misty spray of the water hitting the banister.

Yes, for one blissful moment I can sit here and ..........ahhhhh.......

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