Monday, February 20, 2012

Doctors ... What do They Know? (Part 2)

4 weeks.  That's how long I've had bronchitis.  4 weeks.  I went to the clinic, had the chest x-ray, blood work. I went to the pharmacy for the z-packs, the inhalers, the cough syrup. 

All in all this bronchitis cost me about $150.  I'm not sure how much it cost the health insurance company (don't care, really). 

Still, I felt like crap (with a capital f). 

It all began to change this weekend. 

You see, for a few years my wife (she's into herbs, ya know) has been telling me about the benefits of natural medicine.  Well, since I was going to have a few days off and I wouldn't have to be around people very much, I decided to try the garlic cure.

1 clove of garlic every four hours for three days.

(*SIDE NOTE:  My wife said it was a bit difficult to sleep next to me, as I was emitting a "certain aroma." - hehe)

The first day everything seemed the same, but I remained faithful to the regimen. 

Yesterday morning everything felt different - looser and more productive.  The congestion moved from the back of my throat to my nose, where I was able to blow it out all day long.

This morning, my chest was slightly tight, but not anywhere near the sensation of the past four weeks.  The cough was very productive, and the sinuses, though full, were quite manageable and breathable.  I kept up the regimen.

This evening I am very comfortable, breathing normally, with a slight cough, as though I am in the final stages of the common cold.  I will take one more dose of garlic before bedtime, and see what happens in the morning. 

A four week case of acute bronchitis / borderline pneumonia. 

Cured with a dollar's worth of garlic. Thanks, Honey!

Doctors ... What do they know??

... Later!

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