Saturday, December 15, 2012

New York Pizzeria and Restaurant

On our way home from a concert in Edmeston today we stopped at a little Italian place in New Berlin, New York. 

From the moment our family walked in the door, we felt welcome to such a degree as I have not felt in a long, long time.  A table was prepared for us and we were seated without delay.  The staff was friendly, the atmosphere was warm, and the food was superb.

About the food:

As we are on a limited budget (my wife and I have 5 children), we generally order simple food without many frills.  Today was no exception.  Our family enjoyed 2 large cheese pizzas and a round of root beers.  Also, my wife and I split an order of bruschetta.

The bruschetta was prepared on a split loaf of small Italian bread.  The bread was toasted and seasoned.  Sweet cherry tomatoes, garlic and onion with fresh basil topped the bread.  It was delightful and fresh - very different from other recipes I've tried.

The pizza - the crust was hand-tossed.  Not even all the way around, but rustic and light nonetheless.  The sauce was extraordinary - fresh and chunky with just the right amount of oregano to make it pop.  The cheese (I don't remember what kind of cheese it was - I did ask) was creamy and soft without being overly greasy or gooey. 

All this at a price that makes me want to take my family back again and again. 

Thank you, New York Pizzeria and Restaurant!  You get two thumbs up!

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