Monday, July 2, 2012

The Dreaded Drawer Fronts

When natural disasters strike, things have to get done. One of those things is a complete kitchen remodel.  We've remodeled the kitchen twice in the last five years, neither time by choice. 

With the last remodel, the cabinets were delivered with the wrong drawer fronts.  They weren't horrible or anything, just wrong. 

With a few calls to the cabinet company and a few more visits to the vendor, the problem was solved and the correct drawer fronts were delivered.  On to the next issue:  Installation.

I am not - repeat NOT - a precision cabinet maker by any stretch of the imagination.  Whenever I can put off a finish carpentry job, I will. For a long, long time.  This job was no exception.  Weeks, perhaps a month (maybe even 2 months?) the drawer fronts sat there, staring at me, mocking me. 

Finally, last night, I installed them.  It took about an hour.  Not too bad for someone who is a clueless cabinet builder.  So what if they're crooked and have to be adjusted.  At least they're attached. 

The straightening is a job for another day.  (*sigh*)


  1. What the heck in another year or 2 you'll be doing it again!

  2. You must be having a busy and I hope fun summer! Just waiting for some new blog entries.

  3. I've been taking care of some family obligations. I'll be back to blogging soon!