Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Butt YOU Called ME ...

So, I got this call yesterday that went something like this:

Me:      Hello?
Sister:  Hello.
Me:      Oh, hi!  What's up?
Sister:   I don't know, you called me.
Me:      I did???  Ohh!!! I probably butt dialed you.  Sorry about that.

From that point we had a delightful conversation about some things that we really should have kept up with every few days.

I should tell you that I also butt dialed my wife a few days ago and inadvertently left her a rather unusual text message. Hmmmm .... This seems to be a pattern.

 The first time I ever butt dialed someone was from an amusement park ride. My poor friend could only hear a "swooshing" sound and the panicked screams of children.  That took a little 'splainin'.

Anyway, I don't know why it took my butt to get me off my butt and call my sister.  I should be calling them all at least every couple days.  I have to do better from now on and actually dial my siblings the old fashioned way - with my fingers.

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