Monday, February 3, 2014

I'm Cold.

I've never been cold.  Always warm.  Even in the middle of winter I have comfortably worn a t-shirt without being subject to the shivering that is so common when the temperature drops to arctic depths. Maybe I needed a coat to keep me warm, but I was never uncomfortably cold.

That is, until I had surgery.  In the time after a minor health issue and a few surgical procedures I have turned into a different creature.  I'm cold.  Shivering, shaking, creaking bones, can't catch my breath cold.

It's true that I complain just as much about the summer heat, as I am unable to breathe when the temperature rises. But I am ready to admit that I have had enough of the climate in New York and I am ready to move south to a warmer place. 

Yes, I'm that cold.

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