Thursday, February 7, 2013

Car Trouble? Or Is It Just Old Age?

I was running a little late for work this morning, so I parked in the visitor parking lot.  If you know me, then you know how uneasy and self-conscious I felt leaving my car and walking into the building, dashing up the stairs, and making it to the band room just in time to enter with my students.

It isn't that I parked there for the wrong reasons.  I was going to move it to the staff parking lot right after band rehearsal. 

But then, old age kicked in, and I forgot.

The ole' Subaru sat there all day.  In the visitor parking lot.  Feeling awkward, I'm sure, with all the parents' cars staring at it, giggling at the out of place hunk of metal. 

Sadly, because I forgot it was there, I walked all the way across the bridge to my usual space in the staff parking lot and found ..... nothing.

Big DUH moment.

Next time I park in the visitor parking lot, WILL SOMEONE PLEASE REMIND ME??!!??

Thank you.  End of rant.

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