Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Reality of Vertigo

You can read a book for a little while, but your eyes will get so heavy that you have to sleep.  And you will sleep; it isn't as though you have a choice. 

You can try to get out of your chair, but you will sit back down; it isn't as though you have a choice.

You can make dinner, but by the time it's ready, your appetite is gone, completely.

You can be famished, and sit down to eat a delicious meal, but half-way through the meal you feel nauseous.

You take a walk to the store (because driving is out of the question), but you have to stop several times to recoup your balance. 

You can read a few emails, but you must divert your eyes constantly to avoid your head crashing into the computer screen.

You are exhausted and off-balance all the time.  You feel stoned and useless because that's what vertigo does to your body.

You can't do simple things like mowing the lawn, walking your dog, riding your bicycle, or checking your email, at least not for longer than a minute or two.

This is my reality ... at least for now.

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