Saturday, October 22, 2011

Very Blessed, Indeed

Yesterday morning we had a fire in our furnace.  It's alright, because we were able to escape to safety, and, aside from a bit of smoke inhalation, no one was injured.  The furnace can be repaired quite easily.  Besides, it isn't our house - we're just renting it temporarily until we repair our home, which was severely damaged by flood waters at the beginning of September.  The flood damage, too, can be repaired.

No matter what my woes - trashing a bunch of ruined furniture and appliances, wearing soot covered clothing, having my pay docked because I took time to clean my flooded house, driving a car that doesn't have a bumper or windshield wipers - they pale in comparison to other people's problems.

All of my current problems can be repaired.

My friends just lost their baby boy, only a few days old.  Their heartbreak cannot be easily repaired.
Another dear friend lost her husband last night.  Her heartbreak cannot be easily repaired.
A dear friend from work lost his battle with leukemia.  His students' grief and heartbreak cannot be easily repaired.

The next time I think about whining and complaining because my car needs more duct tape or my socks smell like kerosene, I hope I will consider others and their troubles, and consider myself very blessed.  Yes, very blessed, indeed.

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