Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I'm told that I have amazing composure and that I'm incredibly calm in a crisis.While that may be true, it isn't something that I would wish on anyone.  The sort of composure I possess is not something a person is born with.  It is a process that unfolds as events occur in life. It's the kind of thing that develops ...
  • when your older siblings tease relentlessly, and your parents don't stop them.
  • when the school bully follows you home and you have to be brave.
  • when your childhood friend dies on the same day you have an important job interview.
  • when you sneeze all over the microphone in front of 500 people.
  • when your ex-girlfriend brings her new boyfriend to see your show.
  • when you're called out in front of your friends.
  • when Mom catches you doing something naughty ... then tells your sister.
  • when you get a traffic ticket in front of your own house.
  • when you have to go to school the day after your grandfather dies.
  • when you get the news of your grandmother's death while at a graduation party for a friend's daughter.
  • when you have to stand up and tell a crowd of people something they don't want to hear.
  • when your boss smiles as she hands you the pink slip.
  • when a flood takes away everything you own.
  • when the baby is born blue and your wife is hysterical.
  • when the car breaks down in the middle lane of the highway.
  • when you're in front of a fourth-grade class and you get the news of your father's death.
These are some of the events that assist in developing amazing  composure.

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